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Welcome to PSI Automation, the manufacturer of PSI air, hydraulic and belt drive starters. PSI engine starters are engineered to be the best overall products to meet end user needs. These needs include:

  • reliable starts
  • low wear of the engine ring gear
  • long life
  • minimum periodic service
  • no effect on safety in critical environments
  • low sensitivity to unfavorable service conditions
  • field repairability
  • high energy efficiency
  • high size and weight efficiency
  • application flexibility
  • low initial cost and low life costs

A very important design of all PSI starters is the 100% use of the inertia type drive.

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For more information or questions, please call Toll Free (800)392-3602 or contact

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Contact PSI Automation for all your air motor needs vert-line.gif (547 bytes)    2113 Seabrook Circle
  Seabrook, Texas 77586
  Tel: (281)280-8793
  Fax: (281)280-8795