PSI engine starters are engineered to be the best overall products to meet end user needs. These needs include:

  • reliable starts
  • low wear of the engine ring gear
  • long life
  • minimum periodic service
  • no effect on safety in critical environments
  • low sensitivity to unfavorable service conditions
  • field repair ability
  • high energy efficiency
  • high size and weight efficiency
  • application flexibility
  • low initial cost and low life costs

A very important design of all PSI starters is the 100% use of the inertia type drive.

Model 200-P4 Air Starters
For small 2, 3 and 4 cylinder engines up to 6 liters (360 cu. in.) displacement. These are rugged workhorses with offset gear reduction for high torque. Many drive pinion/drive housing variations (our 200 series) are available.

Model 200-FA Air Starters
For 4-9 liter (250-550 cu. in.) 4 and 6 cylinder diesel engines which require the small 200 series drive. Excellent for natural gas applications at low pressures to normal pressures for engines in the 4-9 liter range.

Model 400-HB Air Starters
Unusually wide application range for both diesel and natural gas engines. Popular in fleets of multiple engine types. Widely used and respected for long life and easy field repair. Application range is 6.5 liters to 33 liters (400-2000, for diesel engines, and up to 49 liters (3000 for natural gas engines. A proven performer in low pressure natural gas applications. Functions correctly down to 35 psi gas pressure.

Model 700-H Air Starters
Our largest starter for diesel engines from 20 to 100 liters (1200-6100 and gas engines to 130 liters (8000 Small diameter and light weight (68 lb.). Two starters can be mounted close together on same side of engine (example-EMD). For diesels to 220 liters (13,000 or gas engines to 280 liters (17,000 when installed in pairs. Also popular low pressure starter for natural gas engines.

Model 8 Hydraulic Starters
For small 2, 3, 4 and 6 cylinder diesel engines up to 9 liters (550 Many drive pinion/drive housing variations (our 200 series) are available. Modular design provides choice of four sizes of hydraulic motors for optimum cranking performance. Consists of HS-200 series drive and motor modules.

Model 4 Hydraulic Starters
For 4-16 liter (250-975 diesel engines. Consists of HS-250 series drive and two hydraulic motor sizes.

Model 5 Hydraulic Starters

For 8-24 liter (500-1500 diesel engines which will accept the heavy duty 700 series drive pinion/drive housing. Choice of two standard hydraulic motor sizes. Consists of HS-302 drive and motor modules.

Model 2 Hydraulic Starters

Our largest hydraulic starter family for diesels in the 16-100 liter (1000-6100 range for single starter installations, and up to 220 liters (13,000 cu. in.) for dual starter installations. Consists of HS-300 series drive and motor modules. Three Hydraulic motor sizes for optimum cranking performance.

Belt Drive Starters
A full line of production models are available for use where the cranking power source is connected by V-belts.

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